RIP Tommy Vance
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RIP Tommy Vance. For years the voice of BBC Radio 1's 'The Friday Rock Show' and, for TV viewers throughout the UK, the voice of a multitude of adverts, Tommy Vance has died following a stroke. RIP you gravel-throated bringer of rock.
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I used to spend many Friday nights during my school years desperately trying to stay awake until midnight to hear what Tommy was playing, to discover new music. The show's intro music (MP3) signaled the start of two hours of varied rock music presented by a DJ with the best 'rock voice' ever. It was in the era of thrash metal and although Tommy did play a lot of really extreme music that I just couldn't get into, there were some great things that he did play that I fell in love with and still play now, nearly 20 years on (I was just burning some Thin Lizzy as I saw the sad news). Although my music tastes have broadened, I still have a huge passion for rock and metal that I wouldn't have had if it wasn't for Tommy. He was another example of a DJ with a real passion for music, that really loved what he did.

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Stupid MP3 link blocking. The file is here under 'Friday Rock Show Theme Tune'
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News slam!
I liked him on the 11 o'clock show.
Didn't he also do a UK voice over for some 'just look at these idiots' home video programme?
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Great childhood memories :-)
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He also appeared in Brasseye presenting a mindboggling video for new prison inmates, explaining some of the slang they might encounter. Because the guy was a self parody (and that's not necessarily a bad thing) I think he came out of it pretty well.

It's a real shame he's dead, he was completely rock'n'roll.
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Sad news. He was awseome. The best presenter Donington ever had and he was the voice of rock radio in the UK (with a wee nod to Tom Russel of Radio Clyde).

I'll be watching Bad News on Tour and More Bad News this afternoon and toasting him on his way.
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Sad news. The "Sport Hurts" feature on Soccer AM was a parody of his distinctive voice.
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