Sunda Schaffel baby.
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The Kompakt Kittens! Minimal techno from Germany + kittens + Flash = an awesome Sunday morning.
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Wish the kittens had levels... That is pretty neat, though.
posted by kuperman at 8:46 AM on March 6, 2005

I like 8 for a bit and then 5, 1 and X all at the same time joining in.
posted by nile_red at 8:59 AM on March 6, 2005

[I like to start off with 5, add 8 and X, then drop in with 2.]

I like this. I have a newfound respect for DJs now - with all the pops and sounds and samples available, it must take a very good sense of timing and a real knack for picking and mixing and spinning what'll sound good and not clash horribly with the rest to construct even a halfway decent mix.
posted by Lush at 9:30 AM on March 6, 2005

Looks like something that would be popular in the staff room at sugarape...
posted by senor biggles at 9:33 AM on March 6, 2005

5, 7, and N. This is fun! I really like that 7.
posted by rio at 10:06 AM on March 6, 2005

This is truly the best of the web.
posted by soundofsuburbia at 10:37 AM on March 6, 2005

I love this. Thanks.
posted by makonan at 10:51 AM on March 6, 2005

posted by clubfoote at 11:10 AM on March 6, 2005

[this is good]
posted by neckro23 at 11:34 AM on March 6, 2005

that was fun. thanks for the link.
posted by nickerbocker at 11:43 AM on March 6, 2005

Nice. Interesting layout too, i mean random cats in a winter environment. I wonder where the inspiration came from?
posted by ReggieNoble2 at 12:02 PM on March 6, 2005

I love Kompakt--they are my favorite electronic label.
posted by josh at 12:04 PM on March 6, 2005

I'm with you Josh - Kompakt can do no wrong. Nothing's toppled them yet for me. Speicher 2 is still doing it for me...
posted by hellbient at 12:14 PM on March 6, 2005

Started off with a little 5, then added 8, let it settle for a bit then brought in a beat with X, added some C (tricky getting it just right) then finally a little 7, maybe some 9. Good stuff!
posted by LeeJay at 12:36 PM on March 6, 2005

Why, oh why do the kitten heads not bob in time with the music??????
posted by jeffj at 12:39 PM on March 6, 2005

5? 9? Hah - I got like over 200 points the first time and found the secret bonus level.
I don't really get the plot but the gameplay is aces.
posted by freebird at 12:43 PM on March 6, 2005

MetaFilter: Everything's a competition.
posted by NickDouglas at 3:03 PM on March 6, 2005

If you like the loops, check out the compilation Sub Rosa vs. Kompakt. A great comp, and the source of some of those loops.
posted by asbates2 at 4:41 PM on March 6, 2005

This isn't working for me, for some reason :(
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 5:14 PM on March 6, 2005

I second, or third, the notion that Kompakt can do no wrong. I've been lucky enough to see various Kompakt guys (Michael Mayer, Superpitcher, DJ Koze, Richard Davis) DJ-ing in London on several occassions, and they are never less than awesome, particularly M. Mayer, who is G-d. Speicher 2 rocks, and I also recommend the quite perfectly wonderful 'Immer' by M Mayer, Speicher 1 and the fantastic new compilation Kompakt 100 - with remixes of various back-catalogue numbers.

Great to see them getting the recognition they deserve, and if the rabidly enthusiastic crowds of happy clubbers at Fabric and Plastic People the last two occassions when Michael Mayer has played in London are any guide, rumours of dance music's demise are greatly exaggerated. (Mayer's debut album in his own right - Touch - is a bit ho-hum, though...)

Of course, for best results, one should really see them in their very own club, Studio 672 in Cologne. Which I'll be doing this summer. Whose with me?!
posted by rikabel at 2:59 AM on March 7, 2005

Nice to see some Kompakt love on MeFi. Speaking of Mayer, Geeta Dayal's interview with him is in this week's Seattle Weekly with pictures of the Kompakt offices on her blog. Makes me want to move to Cologne and beg for a job in their record store.
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