Death Valley Wildflowers
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Death Valley in bloom. Lots more here and the story is here. Flickr photos with tags deathvalley+flowers. (Full disclosure: I work on Flickr. -ericost) NPR did a segment recently. Desert USA has a guide. The Death Valley National Park news page has a link to two PDFs. Wildflower Update. (via MetaTalk, five fresh fish, monju_bosatsu, ericost, euphorb, ori, and the MeFi community. All text and copy directly lifted from the thread.)
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Incredible. You have to hand it to nature...

(Also, will this lovely post usher in a new age of sharing, collaboration, and love at MetaFilter? Tune in next week for the stunning conclusion.)
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News at 5.
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Not keen on this phrasing (not yours, I know): "Flickr photos with tags deathvalley+flowers", as if Flickr is the origin of the photographs and not the photographers. It goes uncomfotrably in the direction of a claimed ownership of (or at least claimed credit for) the photos. No one says "Blogger paragraphs about..." This phenomenon seems unique to Flickr users and developers, but perhaps there is still a novelty factor at work. They're photos on the web. If the photos were the focus and not Flickr, there'd hardly be any need for the "full disclosure" comment (which certainly didn't need repeating here). Some great photographs, though.
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This saddens me...that I'll miss it.
god, that's beautiful.

On second thought, anyone in the Midwest want to make it to St. Louis and head out there for a couple days?
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Well done, everyone.
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This is a great post that was remarkable to see germinate on The Gray. Thanks, all.
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If you can't get to Death Valley for this stunning display it's worth remembering that deserts all over the SW US bloom around this time of year. Utah, Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico had beautiful blooms when I was there just after Easter last year. I would link to my pix but I still haven't sorted them out. [\slacker]
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I'll see you in Metatal...

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Can you say doublepost? (Think about it.)

This process reminds me of the Plastic SubQ. ;-P
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I think that is totally cool. Isn't that the closest it gets to a "community weblog"?
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This site has some interesting tidbits about the valley and the end mentions some other areas where one can see floral beauty. Yes.

I would so love to go see this. Shame it is so damn far away. Oh well.
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Er, the entire site is useful actually. From the front page there is a link to wildflower sightings, telling you some of the best spots to visit. The site also lists some of the plants of Death Valley.
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I just decided that I will have to see this in person. Thanks for the links, I'm going to be there on April 1st (not April Fool's).
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This is just wonderful, thanks everyone!
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The reason DV is in full bloom is that it's had more than enough rain this past season. This is a very rare occurance, happening only every few decades or so.

old account of winter precip, but not enough so the valley bloomed bigtime.

excellent article on the rain, the potential for flooding, and all that jazz.
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[this is a wonderful thing]
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Took some friends to Joshua Tree over the weekend. The lower elevations (South entrance) are full of wildflowers (the Joshua trees are also starting to bloom). Ran into more than a few folks that were older lifelong residents of CA that had not seen anything like it before. The wildflower display wasn't as much of a blanket like at the California poppy fields, but the surrounding terrain is far more interesting. It's great to see SoCal looking so green.
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On second thought, anyone in the Midwest want to make it to St. Louis and head out there for a couple days?
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Yesssssss, same thoughts here in Dallas, Tx.
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what an oddly named place... death valley. doesn't the blooming of a place called death valley seem incredibly ironic? the first line of the FPP hints at it, but it feels to me like death has bloomed particularly colorfully and ubiquitously this past year... if i were much more superstitious than i am, i would muse that this was either a manifestation of death's bloom, or an omen of future life for Death.

i know this is reading way too deep, but this is the first thing that came to mind when i read this.
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It's "death Valley" beacuse this is an extremely rare occurence.

OK, I just canceled plans for SxSW and am flying out to SD to go see this. What the hell, only live once.
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Thank you. The pictures are beautiful and I would love to go but at about 5 hrs. from LA I might have to get my flower fix at Joshua Tree or the poppy fields instead. I have yet to spot a desert tortoise at Joshua Tree but chances would seem better now with warmer temperatures and more green stuff for them to eat.
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PY, if you're going to make it to JT, may as well head out to DV. If anyone wants to meet up in DV in the next couple days, email me - addy in profile.
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Death Valley in Bloom Quicktime VR .mov
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Here is a 2004 / 2005 Desert Wildflower Forecast and Report for the Tucson area, which also has some links to sites that cover other areas (at the bottom of the page)
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