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I know, possible news filter. But I need to know what Mefites think about this. Is she really capable of rahabilitation? Some degree of rehab? Or is this like "Million Dollar Baby", in which case her husband is just making a brave choice?
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No. No. and ruined a movie. Good job.
posted by cosmonaught at 6:06 PM on March 18, 2005

If, in fact, she really did state that she would not have wanted artificial life support, then this is the only ethically justifiable course of action, imo. I am more curious what the initial nucluei were in terms of setting this all in motion. Frustrated parents? An ICU nurse with an agenda? The entire thing is sad and embarrassing and to even feel a right to espouse an opinion on the course of this poor woman's outcome should feel shameful.
posted by docpops at 6:09 PM on March 18, 2005

Jesus. Rather than let her slowly starve to death, they ought to inject her with barbiturates to bring about heart failure and death.

But of course, physician assisted death is.... unchristian.
posted by orthogonality at 6:12 PM on March 18, 2005

Her cerebral cortex is liquid. This is just cruel--using her this way. Horrible.

an old post about her

And all these people who just recently were talking of the sanctity of the marriage bonds are completely ignoring her husband's wishes, and her own.

posted by amberglow at 6:12 PM on March 18, 2005

So, the same entity that rubber stamps a war that kills thousands of people needs to take specific steps to try and save the life of one lady who has been in a vegetative state for over a decade. These are the same people who rail on about the sanctity of marriage.

I apologize but there is an apparent double standard here with congress.

First the baseball thing and now this. Congress is suppose to legislate not judiciate.

This is a sad case no matter how you slice it.
posted by edgeways at 6:18 PM on March 18, 2005

Despite the initial failure of the subpoena strategy, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas said he would consider calling lawmakers back from their vacations to stop what he termed "medical terrorism."

In related news, DeLay announced that the Republican "War on Terror" will soon be broadening its front to defend the nation against abortionists, aetheists, and those annoying little business reply mailing cards that keep falling out of magazines instead of remaining in one sacred piece as God intended them to.
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It makes me sad too, and it's a tough decision for anyone to make.

cosmonaught: I used to like you:)

amberglow: you are the best. I am in complete agreement with you regarding her husband's wishes.
posted by snsranch at 6:21 PM on March 18, 2005

Tom Delay has got a lot of balls. That's all I'm saying.
posted by jsavimbi at 6:26 PM on March 18, 2005

if there was justice in this world, DeLay would be in jail or worse--who the fuck is he to moralize about anyone? And if he thinks this'll deflect attention from his problems, he's wrong.
posted by amberglow at 6:28 PM on March 18, 2005

Lawyers for the House of Representatives filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking the justices to intervene in the case.---CNN
What's that they say about activist judges?
posted by amberglow at 6:36 PM on March 18, 2005

oh--it can't be said enough--get living wills and healthcare proxies. No one's life should be used like this--ever.
posted by amberglow at 6:40 PM on March 18, 2005

She's supported by a huge legal malpractice settlement in the bank. There's no market-based reason for letting her die.
How long do you think she'd have lasted if she were poor?
posted by hank at 6:42 PM on March 18, 2005

how horrible is that in itself? god.
posted by amberglow at 6:44 PM on March 18, 2005

This is the most disgusting case of the government butting in where they have no right to.
posted by mike3k at 6:44 PM on March 18, 2005

Talk about it with your doctor. Talk about it with your Mom. Don't leave any room for doubt. Write it down, write it down, write it down.
posted by puddinghead at 6:47 PM on March 18, 2005

I swear, the sun can't go red giant soon enough.
posted by mischief at 7:26 PM on March 18, 2005

NYTimes: The Medical Becomes Political for Congress And for Representative Tom DeLay, the House majority leader facing inquiries into fund-raising improprieties in Texas and potential violations of House travel rules in Washington, taking a prominent role in rallying conservatives to the Schiavo cause also provided a sudden distraction from his troubles.

"To friends, family and millions of people praying around the world this Palm Sunday weekend: do not be afraid," said Mr. DeLay, who interjected himself forcefully into the case, in a pointed religious reference during a Friday news conference. "Terri Schiavo will not be forsaken."

Mr. DeLay and other lawmakers appeared to be affected emotionally by the life-and-death subject of Ms. Schiavo. Some have long held religious beliefs opposing such things as assisted suicide or the disruption of life-sustaining medical care.

But there also is little question that this matter would not have risen so far and so fast in Congress without the standard hearings and review - and kept lawmakers after midnight on the eve of their recess - were not their own ambitions and constituencies at issue. They drove that point home with a blizzard of subpoenas and calls for Senate hearings in what critics viewed as an excessive use of Congressional authority.

Mr. DeLay is clearly relishing the change in subject from House travel rules and lobbying ties to a conservative crusade, even appearing on television to make the case for Congressional involvement after ducking cameras most of the week. And his dedication is showing results. Representative Mike Pence of Indiana, leader of a wing of House conservatives, told reporters that he and his colleagues "are so grateful for the heart of our majority leader."

And Mr. DeLay is not the only potential Republican beneficiary. Senator Bill Frist, the majority leader, is a potential presidential candidate also courting the conservative wing of the party. His determined press on behalf of Ms. Schiavo - with a heavy accent on his professional expertise as a physician - could resonate powerfully with that constituency. Other possible White House contenders are involved as well, including Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida and Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

posted by amberglow at 7:30 PM on March 18, 2005

Here's hoping those Republican lawmakers are reduced to a vegetative state soon.

posted by Jimbob at 7:34 PM on March 18, 2005

For all the talk on the web about spoliers, this is the first one that's really ticked me off. Good job!
posted by belling at 7:34 PM on March 18, 2005

If a one-line comment can spoil a movie for you, it wasn't worth seeing in the first place.
posted by Kwantsar at 7:57 PM on March 18, 2005

And since she entered the vegetative state, Ms. Schiavo has consistantly voted a straight Republican ticket (absentee ballot, of course)...
posted by wendell at 8:00 PM on March 18, 2005

And I always thought the Schiavo story more closely paralleled the ending of "The Sixth Sense" than "Million Dollar Baby".
posted by wendell at 8:03 PM on March 18, 2005

Oh, thanks, I haven't seen that either!

(I'm kidding)
posted by belling at 8:07 PM on March 18, 2005

That poor husband. 15 years of this, he still can't moe on with his life, and the entire Christian right wants to burn him at the stake.
posted by Arch Stanton at 8:08 PM on March 18, 2005

God, what a freakshow country.
posted by five fresh fish at 8:16 PM on March 18, 2005

I'm an agnostic myself and no fan of the republicans, but since when do you have to believe in god or be a republican to value life? From what I've seen, the only evidence we have that Terry Schiavo did not want to be artificially sustained is the word of her husband.

Even assuming she really said this to him, do we set the precedence of allowing hearsay to determine life and death? This is why it is important to put your wishes in writing.

I've told my loved ones I want to be kept alive at all costs, but I haven't put it in writing yet. I guess I should before its too late... Let's just hope I'm not cursing myself to a life of unending pain unable to tell them to shut off the machine!!! Maybe hell really does exist. Well, I pray I don't find out the hard way.
posted by PigAlien at 8:17 PM on March 18, 2005

If she dies, doesn't she go to heaven for eternity? Sounds better than her current situation to me.
posted by belling at 8:18 PM on March 18, 2005

And Arch, wherever you stand on this issue, it has nothing to do with the husband. He's not the one who's life is at stake, regardless of what he has to live with. He has the choice to let go at any time and move on.
posted by PigAlien at 8:19 PM on March 18, 2005

Just because her heart pumps doesn't mean she's alive. Her brain has liquified. It'll never recover. ever. She is a shell.
posted by amberglow at 8:24 PM on March 18, 2005

My wife just said this morning "if I ever end up like that, let me die" and "there are worse things than death", so I really dont see "letting go and moving on" as the honorable course.
posted by belling at 8:24 PM on March 18, 2005

PigAlien, all I'm saying is that I can sympathize with the husband's situation.
posted by Arch Stanton at 8:25 PM on March 18, 2005

from Alas--on the "experts" on the parent's side: The conclusion the court came to is that, based on medical testimony and Terriā€™s CAT scan, her cerebral cortex has basically turned to liquid. The cerebral cortex is the seat of all our higher brain functions. Without a cerebral cortex, it is impossible for a human being to experience thought, emotions, consciousness, pain, pleasure, or anything at all; nor, barring a miracle, is it possible for a patient lacking a cerebral cortex to recover.
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MeTa and subMeTa.
posted by BackwardsCity at 8:44 PM on March 18, 2005

The reason I needed mefite help here is because I've been here before. In the sense of "parents vs. husband". Years ago I was married to a girl who was for many years suicidal. I knew of her troubles but never knew that she was suicidal until I found her hanging in my garage. After her death her family came forward telling me of how they knew she wanted to die. So after all of their conciet, I was left with the horrifying mess to clean up, so to speak. I was devestated.

I think Mr. Schiavo is in the same position. Her parents are in denial and He is stuck with the emotional bill.

Yea, sobbing-sissy-filter. But thank you guys for setting me straight on this issue.
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