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Look at eBay from a different angle. eBay Pulse shows the most 10 most popular search terms, as well as the 10 most 'watched' items on the auction site for any category, including the weird ones. Updated daily.
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Thanks crunchland.
posted by Jim Jones at 11:21 AM on March 20, 2005

This is quite interesting. I was amazed at how un-amazed I was by even the most ridiculous auctions, e.g. this guy, who tries to sell his name. (He's barely scraped $1000)

Is there anything that hasn't been sold on E-Bay? I mean, really, is there? I've seen souls, organs, animals, virtual property, haunted toasters, even some blessed duct tape. I can't think of many things that weren't already offered on E-Bay.
posted by Herr Fahrstuhl at 11:27 AM on March 20, 2005

Oh, and not only has everything already been sold, but also nothing. ($85 and 3 days to go)
posted by Herr Fahrstuhl at 11:31 AM on March 20, 2005

My favorite from a few years ago was the "Ghost in a Jar" and the myriad spinoffs it created...too funny.
posted by 1016 at 11:35 AM on March 20, 2005

The weird ones are really funny - eBay performance art.
posted by caddis at 12:38 PM on March 20, 2005

Very cool - I hope this post lays to rest all the one-off "weird eBay auction" posts we get from time to time. This is one place you can come anytime to see the weirdest ones. That's 'best of the web.'
posted by scarabic at 2:15 PM on March 20, 2005

my favorite eBay auction was the 'Amost Square Piece of Cardboard'.

I'm still kicking myself for not picking it up.
posted by adrien at 3:03 PM on March 20, 2005

RE: Ghost in a jar

My mother is a member of a club that makes handmade glass bead jewelry to sell on ebay. A while back one of the members had a series of auctions for "Ghost in a Bead". Each clear bead had a white wisp in it that looked like a ghost. Ebay shut down every one of the auctions. The lady is still bitter.
posted by pheideaux at 6:12 PM on March 20, 2005

There's a UK version too
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