The last desperate measure
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Delay finally does it. Opponents of the House Majority "Leader" have been accusing him of using the Schiavo case to deflect ethics heat off of him. Here, in a speech to the Family Research Council, he all but admits that this is his intent: "This is exactly the kind of issue that's going on in America, that attacks against the conservative moment, against me and against many others. The point is, the other side has figured out how to win and to defeat the conservative movement, and that is to go after people personally..." Even Schiavo's parents need to disown this bum.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: enough with the food tubes!

This has been posted all over the place.
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Even Schiavo's parents need to disown this bum

Dude, Schiavo's parents currently have a known domestic terrorist as their family spokesman who among other thing, disowned members of his own family. You really think they give a shit about Tom DeLay's ethical problems?
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Like begets like. Will this FPP about the Hammer get the hammer? Stay tuned and see...
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"I find it opportunistic to use the death of someone like Christopher Reeve -- I think it is shameful -- in order to mislead the American people," Frist said. "We should be offering people hope, but neither physicians, scientists, public servants or trial lawyers like John Edwards should be offering hype.

"It is cruel to people who have disabilities and chronic diseases, and, on top of that, it's dishonest. It's giving false hope to people, and I can tell you as a physician who's treated scores of thousands of patients that you don't give them false hope."
-Bill Frist, 10/12/2004
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Always pretend you're under attack from moral heathens, even when you aren't. It's a standard maneuver in the conservative playbook.
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The use of "scare quotes" in this "FPP" is great.

Not sure how this speech really shows his true intent any more than any other speech he's ever given. Hardly the smoking gun.
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Remember when words like conservative and liberal had real meanings?

Ah, the good old days.

Dude, Schiavo's parents currently have a known domestic terrorist as their family spokesman...

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Senator Frist kills cats.
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That Americans would be so barbaric as to pull a feeding tube out of a person that is lucid and starve them to death for two weeks. I mean, in America that's going to happen if we don't win this fight

Uh, I think someone needs to tell him what lucid means.

XQUZYPHYR, what are you talking about with this domestic terrorist stuff?
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A neck like that, he's gonna need more rope.
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Damn, the more I read of that link, the more batshit crazy the guy sounds.
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