Amazing Mr. Bickford
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The Amazing Mr. Bickford. Most Zappa fans know of Bruce Bickford for his claymation work in Baby Snakes and other Zappa movies. Recently a documentary was made of him and now he has his own web site which features a small sampling of his story board work. For some other claymation samples (not by Bruce Bickford), try here.
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Apologies in advance for my hitting the Zappa tag like a crack bunny.
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I'm the webmaster for the Bickford site. I was going to post it to metafilter last month when we finally finished the site, but figured I'd wait until we were able to get a new video out on the market for him (since the extra attention might help move some copies). His work is incredible, and I wish we had some video for people to see it in action.
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The truly amazing thing about Mr. Bickford is that he serves breakfast any time.
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Brett Ingram (one of the "Monster Road" filmmakers) was a grad student in the UNCG Cinema department while I was an undergrad. He's a great guy, and he's poured years of hard work and personal dedication into this film. Wonderful to see him (and Bickford) getting well-deserved recognition.
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Swinging fire, baking cookies, stop-motion claymation-- this guy's a hero!
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Also, Bruce (an acquaintance) has an uncanny command and recall of the names of bit part character actors in old movies.
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The truly amazing thing about Mr. Bickford is that he serves breakfast any time.

I think you have him confused with Denny's.
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This is great. I've had an old cassette copy of "The Amazing Mr. Bickford" for years, and it's truly amazing. My only gripe is the apparently random and shoddy editing (FZ is listing as "director"), not to mention the incongruous orchestral Zappa music scored throughout. Man, I'd kill to see some of Bickford's work unadorned.
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If Jim Haverkamp and Brett Ingram had not taken the time and effort to create Monster Road and it had not shown at the film festival in Boston, inte80s and myself would have never been so moved as to offer Bruce a website and all that goes into it.

Bruce is one "Amazing" character.

I want to thank Jim and Brett for my introduction into Bruce's life and work, also, congratulate them as rumor has it... Monster Road will be Premiering on the Sundance Channel this summer.
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I was a grad student at UNCG while Brett was there. He's a great guy and a supremely talented filmmaker. His video for Geezer Lake's "Spent" is still one of my favorites of all time.
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