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The Mary Evans Picture Library 'is a family business, which started in 1964. Hilary and Mary Evans began collecting historical material, in the form of books, loose prints and ephemera, in the 1950s and through various media contacts they turned their hobby into a thriving business.' (free reg req) If you open just about any non-fiction book from the past 50 or so years, you are sure to see Mary Evans' name beside many unusual and important pictures. And for April Fool's. Its all rather extraordinary. (Note: This is my 1st FPP. Thanks guys!!)
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The interface is a little clunky, but I just registered and searched for my favorite 'bicycle' images and they have some great stuff.
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Some great stuff there, indeed. Thanks, shipbreaker!
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See also this, this, and especially this

( is also good, but seems to be down at the moment)
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