U.S. Army Female Attire
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U.S. Army Uniforms for Females. While searching for late 50's and early 60's formal wear I came across this gem.
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Needless to say, I joined the Marines because of the cool uniforms. Great idea.
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Having once been in the military I can only wonder if the clothing allowances did enough to pay for all these different fashions. It was a pisser that every chief of staff felt compelled to monkey around with the uniforms, and that none of the old look was left of which to be proud.
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Is it just me, or are some of the models men?
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Is it just me, or are some of the models men?
Don't ask, don't tell.
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The earlier ones are much more stylish and flattering--an A-line skirt will always look better than a straighter stlye. More proof that the army is dumb.
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The uniforms may look silly to some people, but I've always taken great pride in my uniform.

They are expensive, but at least enlisted get an annual uniform allowence. Officers are stuck shelling out hundreds of dollars for one class B set. I just spent $150+ this morning on one blouse, one skirt, and two pair of slacks. I still have to get them tailored. The tailoring will cost $100+. Plus, I have to buy my shoulder boards, oxfords, pumps, ribbons, badges, socks and panty hose. One set of BDUs costs nearly $100 and the boots cost another $100. To make it worse, the Army is changing the BDUs this summer and the class A & Bs next year, meaning I'll have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars more within one year.

The Army has gone to unisex uniforms with the exception of the class A & B greens and officer mess uniforms. The BDUs and PT uniforms are designed for both men and women, which means that they don't fit any woman correctly. The class A & B uniforms are gender specific. In other words, they are cut for either men or woman. They are made of either a horrible polyester or an equally nasty wool blend. It costs a small fortune just to tailor the blouse, slacks, jacket, and slacks to fit a normal figure. The mess uniforms haven't changed that much over the years, but only officers wear them and only for specific functions.

The Air Force has traditionally designed all of its uniforms to be gender specific. The Air Force uniforms don't require near the amount of tailoring that the Army uniforms require, although they're made of the same horrible fabrics.

I've worn fatigues, BDUs, dress blues (Air Force) and class A & Bs (Army), combat boots, jungle boots, and jump boots. The BDUs are my favorite because they require little tailoring and are comfortable.

The Air Force used to issue female airmen purses and very nice little black leather gloves during basic training. I like the feminine touches. I wish that I had held onto the purse and gloves.
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Is it just me, or are some of the models men?

you're kidding right? ... some of those women are real dolls ... or mannikins
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The Phantom of the Opera Uniform.

The Army Vampire Uniform.

The Love Boat Uniform.

And, of course,

The Justice Hugo Black Memorial Uniform.
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rolypolyman is right, they shouldn't have messed with some of he olders styles. I've lucked out in vintage clothing shops and found awesome looking female marine uniform jackets, I brought it to a tailor and asked him kindly to make new jackets of the same cut. It was incredibly flattering. dang I miss that jacket. :(
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This has the makings of a sweet fetish site all over it.
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Oh wow. What a great site! Thanks, snsranch!
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Good find. The mannequins mixed in with the real people are incredibly strange.
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They are expensive

Seems kinda silly, sometimes, for the government to pay you, and then make you pay them back for uniforms, and then take back some of your pay as taxes, but then give you back a fraction of what you paid them for uniforms that they originally paid you...

(at least, I assume you can deduct uniform expenses as a business-oid expense)

Watch out! She's got kung-fu grip!

I'm sure she's a very nice person, but this woman, with her cold dead eyes and brain-eater stare, frightens me.
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Bah! Give me what Sam Carter wears on an SG-1 away mission any day.
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Isn't that George Washington in that one evening dress?

Cool link. Thx!
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I just cracked up over the Army Vampire. Also, does this woman look a little... umm... chemically altered? And her feet just shouldn't do that.
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Man I can't wait for the future!!
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This is awesome, good find.

It is just me, or is her upper body not actually connected to her legs? I can't tell if she's a mannequin or not...

I think the army vampire uniform is pretty cute. And I do sort of like the idea of uniforms that look good on females for females, and uniforms that look good on males for males, if it could be done without some people freaking out about people being different, I mean, being discriminated against.

But obviously something went wrong, because what is with that hat with that lime-ice-cream skirt.

This dress uniform is pretty cool, as dress uniforms go, though.

I almost went to the Royal Military College (the Canadian one), and I want to link what the dress uniform of some branch of the Canadian military is to compare, but I can't find one site on it. Perhaps the uniforms of the Canadian Forces should be redone, when they have an extra ton of money. The CF gets shit on so much.
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My favorite is Plate 6. Foxy Brown meets Ike Eisenhower.
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No offense to Juicylicious, but yeah. The AF dress uniform is unfortunate. We have something like 2,200 civilians and maybe 250 active duty where I work. The folks in the service always seem much happier on BDU day, and I think I know why.
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