AK's got a real cool tunnel.
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The U.S. Army Permafrost Tunnel provides researchers a unique opportunity to study the composition and behavior of ice structures, ice-saturated soils and frozen bioorganics dating over 40,000 years before present.
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Interesting, but all the links are to the same site; is there no other permafrost research out there to which you could have linked/cross-referenced??
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Sometimes I think being in the Corps of Engineers must be an amazing job, then I remember I'm a philosopher.

No connection, I just often remember that I'm a philosopher.
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This is cool. I'd love to be an army engineer (even canadian army) if there wasn't all that risk of being shot. The US army Corp of Engineers get to work on such cool projects.

Chunder MetaFilter is supposed to be about best of the web. Practically by definition that is going to be single sites most of the time.
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