Liberty takes a bow
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Liberty ship bow art of Sausalito.
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What? Another post about the Liberty? Will this never die??


Oh. Those are actually rather nice.
posted by greatgefilte at 11:03 AM on April 6, 2005

Good stuff!

Anybody know the conection between this ship and Wilford Brimley?

I'll give ya a hint: There was a Baldwin involved, too.
posted by singletrack at 12:38 PM on April 6, 2005

I'll bite.
posted by breezeway at 12:56 PM on April 6, 2005

While it sports no bow art, the Jeremiah O'Brien features gun deck artwork of a somewhat racy variety and is still available for voyages.
posted by Ogre Lawless at 1:20 PM on April 6, 2005

The troop transport Liberty ship the Upshur was in service in 1968 and made at least one trip from Long Beach CA to Viet Nam carrying GI's. Arrived in time for Tet offensive. I wonder how many of us Army types who went to RVN traveled on WWII troop ships? I never saw any bow art before, didn't know that there was such a thing..
posted by X4ster at 3:44 PM on April 6, 2005

You know the Russian ships carrying the missiles in the Cuban Missile Crises were Liberty ships we had given them during the war. So says Dr. Leonard at UNF, anyway. The jerk gave me a C, so it might be a shady source.
posted by trinarian at 2:54 AM on April 7, 2005

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