Dead man walking.
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Dead man walking. In 2004, I'm voting for Abe Lincoln.
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I think were going to be ok here. I just found this book on Amazon and sent it over to ol' GWB. Phwew! Just in the nick of time too.
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sorry this was meant to go under the Bush posts.

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I'd like to note that while Mel Carnahan may have been the first dead man elected to the U.S. Senate, but Hale Boggs was serving in the House when his plane crashed shortly before an election. His widow Lindy was chosen to take his seat, and was reelected eight times on her own merits to serve in Congress for eighteen years.
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Well, this particular race is going to be very controversial. First, because the Dems managed to get a court to let voters in urban St. Louis to vote past 7pm because high turnout was keeping lots of voters from the polls. That got overturned on appeal, but not before they had been open an extra hour in a Democratic stronghold. You can bet that every challenge available to Ashcroft will be made.
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Oh yeah, second because if Carnahan did win, there will be a legit challenge based on the fact that Senators are required to be living in the state on election day... wonder how that will turn out?
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The latest word here in Missouri is that Ashcroft has chosen not to challenge Carnahan's election.
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Voting for a dead man? What are you people thinking?
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