November 8, 2000
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Winner announced - official.
posted by Mocata (6 comments total)
And she's Canadian...
posted by Mocata at 3:03 AM on November 8, 2000

posted by pnevares at 3:58 AM on November 8, 2000

har har har
posted by lagado at 4:13 AM on November 8, 2000

Separated at birth:
Margaret Atwood and Rhea Perlman?

posted by hijinx at 6:27 AM on November 8, 2000

hijinx: funny.

Did anybody read Atwood’s book?
posted by capt.crackpipe at 3:02 AM on November 9, 2000

Not me, but I got the impression it was given more as a lifetime achievement award than for the actual book. (Which isn't the way the Booker's supposed to work, but still...)

On the other hand Alain de Botton hated her book, so she must be doing something right.
posted by Mocata at 5:27 AM on November 9, 2000

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