Deconstructing Cassell's Illustrated History of India
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Rajkamal Kahlon makes stunning gouache paintings directly onto the pages of a 130 year old history book. Her style and technique are similar to Tom Phillips' treated novel A Humument (previously discussed here)
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For some reason, I'm reminded of Terry Gilliam. Television has doomed my cultural growth.
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great stuff-thanks!

(In Montreal, i just saw a great exhibition of William Kentridge's work--he's also used book pages.)
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Kentridge has talent (esp. page 5).
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We used to do this to textbooks in high school. Good times.
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Part of me likes these. The other part of me cries for the books.
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Anyone got a mirror?
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(Never mind; the site's back up.)
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Would the work be as affecting if she had used xerox copies of the book?

If not, what does that say about the work itself?

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It wouldn't, Indigo. Unless that was part of what she wanted to say--about copies of originals and how other culture's interpretations of a culture get "xeroxed" (or something).
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