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_grau | robert seidel - KunstFilmBiennale 2004; the jury assigns the movie «_grau» by robert seidel an honorary award, because of the technological mastership which is used to show never seen phenomena in the borderland of science and aesthetics.
quicktime - cached 50Mb; cached 160Mb
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oh. sorry about the formatting.
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double oh. via. i will now go have my morning coffee...
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qt links not working...
sounds neat though.
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Never mind, it's working now. Wow, that's gorgeous, in a Brakhage-y sort of way. Thanks.
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Works fine here... it's possible your firewall may not allow you to connect out on port 8090. You may have to get it from the original website. Here are links for the small version and big version. They both work fine for me, but I suggest using the links in the main post if at all possible. The university may not like a zillion MeFites hitting their servers all at once. Coral (the cache) won't mind at all. That's what it's for!

I only streamed just a bit of it, and then stopped and started saving to disk instead... it looks pretty cool.

On preview, I see you no longer need these links, but I'll go ahead and post them anyway, in case someone else does.
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Absolutely astonishing.
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Finally, some reasonable video art. Conveys some truth and emotion.
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Reminds me of MilkDrop.
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Words fail me. I could get addicted to that.
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very cool.
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It is very Brakhage-like, but digital. It's quite good.
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I have played this 4 times on a row, and I have to force myself to stop so that I can continue working on a project that will likely keep me awake for the next 48 hours.
The combination of the visuals and the music seemed at some point to flip some mysterious switches deep in my mind, making the hairs on my arms stand on end, and filled me with a slightly disturbed emotion.

As someone who struggles at times to be able to express certain emotions and ideas, I find myself deliciously inspired.

Thank you very, very much.
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does anyone know how that was done? 3dsmax? those were some amazing visualiztions (on weed!)
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Mach5: He does thank the 3dsMax community in the credits, so that'd be my guess as well.
That and a lot of composting and post FX.
Very well done, thanks for the tip Andrew.
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oh, that was pretty.

I've been waiting a long time to see something like this come along, and to see it done well makes me very happy.

ahhhh...round about 4.5 minutes, as the muffled traffic sounds take over and then become that rhythmically intense part had my heart racing...

I'm betting things like "_grau" were part of what William Gibson had in mind when he wrote "The Winter Market"
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some of it looks like volume rendering of data from numerical simulations at various cut-off levels. other bits appear to be "lensing" of organic (electron microscope?) images.
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