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Ever played Operation or Mouse Trap or any one of 100 other games? Then Marvin Glass is the man behind your childhood fun. And while he may not be a house-hold name, he is a toy industry name. Kaboom!
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posted by effugas at 1:15 AM on April 11, 2005

I played Mousetrap maybe three times. But set up the contraption and just watch it? Maybe once a week for five years.

Nice photos, effugas.
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See also
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Good god - he's behind just about every game and toy I remember loving as a kid except for that round seat with the two giant wheels that you ride around in or spin until you're sick!

And all the fun stuff behind the SECRET FUN SPOT button is a toy and novelty blast. So much for productive computer time this morning.
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So many great games there. Which Witch was a biggie when I was a wee bairn. And who can forget the stirring majesty of Ants In The Pants? Incidentally, the phrase "Ants In The Pants" is best spoken in the voices of JFK and/or James Earl Jones.
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I've been posting commercials for Marvin Glass toys on my blog Bedazzled! I take 'em down periodically but there's a couple up there now.
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Yes, but Sid Sackson is behind a ton of games that are actually fun! Not just toys disguised as games.

// unabashed game geek
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Thanks, I found the memoir very interesting. And as a fan of Mousetrap I very much appreciated effugas' link as well.
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