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Melissa Kaplan's site is not just about green iguanas. provides information on behavior, health, prey and feeding, captivity issues, and more regarding Cyclura (blue) iguanas, chelonians, amphibians, crocodilians, lizards, snakes, and even invertebrates and arachnids.
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Whenever I get contacted out of the blue by a complete stranger about some reptile care related question, Melissa's site is the first place I send them. It's been around for years and it's excellent.
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I've relied on it several times. I had a spectacled caiman for over a decade, and no matter how many times I told people not to get them, 'lo and behold, I would get a phone call from some idiot, "Hey, dude, my caiman, what does it eat?" Scott nearly ate my hand before I got him trained, and even then he would actively pursue people whenever I took him to the park.
Thank God for ferret harnesses.
Melissa's site also links to the best material for herp care on the web.
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Weird, I just found this site last night for info on my wife's sick 15-yr-old green iguana. Great info.
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Melissa's site is also home to The Beastly Garden of Wordy Delights, an interesting and thorough compilation of various "Plurals, Collective Nouns, Sounds, Gender and Offspring" for different animal species.
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Huh. Ever seen a cover of coots?
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