Tales from the northern service.
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Once upon a time, in the early eighties, one of the northern CBC Radio stations was vacated due to a strike. Vacated, except for one Inuit janitor and his friends...
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[this is good]
posted by tss at 11:07 PM on May 3, 2005

"Heart of Stone"? More like "Rosetta Stone"! The alien archaeologists are going to love that one.
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This is great. Thanks.
posted by sellout at 1:05 AM on May 4, 2005

Felix wins.
posted by etc. at 5:29 PM on May 4, 2005

It's a twofer

Best of the Web
Best of the She Be She
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this is great, finally after a whole day of no metafilter, this is what i find first...excelent.
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Qujannamiik, that was cool!
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I wish this was the shit that had gone down when I was on strike against the CBC...
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Well, that certainly was my sunshine for a gloomy day. Thanks, myopicman. (Would love to see the documentary....)
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Wow...that's amazing. I find that "Heart of Stone" kind of moving, particularly at the end of the chorus. Thank you.
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And this, shepd, is why CBC is well worth the expense!
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WFMU's provided an update: a 30 minute edit of the broadcast has been published and some CBC North radio people have received a copy, in the midst of translating the Inuit broadcast.
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...and that came (this) close to adhering to conventional English grammar. I am so not rocking right now. I'm a sad polar bear.
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