Wow! Non-election related news.
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Wow! Non-election related news. Courtesy of Linux Weekly News (which came out this morning), a picture of the new ".com" version of Monopoly. Did they get the companies in the order of priority you would have expected?
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I'd have had Yahoo and *eBay* as Park Place and Boardwalk, myself. Didn't see any fuckedcompanies, though.

Wonder what would happen...
posted by baylink at 8:22 AM on November 10, 2000

No Microsoft or AOL/Time Warner in Monopoly? Tsk, tsk.
posted by plinth at 8:35 AM on November 10, 2000

Instead of Jail it should have been anti-trust court.
posted by alana at 8:44 AM on November 10, 2000

Last time I was in the local software shop, I saw a different dot-com board game, without the official Monopoly trademark, but obviously a Monopoly-style game with the numbers rubbed off. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name, as I only took a long enough look to see that it was a Monopoly rip-off. While I doubt I'd buy either one (I'm quite happy with my Star Wars original trilogy monopoly), it might be interesting to compare which sites each game chose, and how they were arranged.
posted by harmful at 9:12 AM on November 10, 2000

NPR's Marketplace had it right, I think, when they asked whether this time next year we would still recognize the board ...
posted by dhartung at 10:06 AM on November 10, 2000

That image is harder to read than a Palm Beach, Florida election ballot. ;)
posted by terrapin at 10:10 AM on November 10, 2000

I knew I'd heard about that on the radio...

The commentator pointed out that the board puts iVillage and (two leading women-oriented sites) in the Monopoly ghetto of the first stretch of properties. Conspicuously absent from either the story or the board are any presence of sites primarily by/for people of color such as blackplanet, asianavenue,, etc.

(Incidentally, Marketplace is affiliated with Minnesota Public Radio and Public Radio International rather than NPR.)
posted by sudama at 10:54 AM on November 10, 2000

Whoops. I stand corrected. NPR has become centrist and corporate, but PRI still fights the good fight. I think.
posted by dhartung at 1:13 PM on November 10, 2000

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