Sir Lord, meet Miss Boop-a-Doop-a-Dee
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In 30 years of going to Cannes, Roger Ebert has witnessed Francis Ford Coppola suffering from post-Apocolypse insanity and learned Jerry Lewis's secret for preventing riots--but the most interesting character he ever met there was a loudmouthed, fast-talking Texan named Silver Dollar Baxter with an uncanny gift for bluffing...
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I most highly recommend "Two Weeks in the Noonday Sun", not least for his portrayal of Silver Dollar Baxter. "Brang'em on!"
posted by Turtles all the way down at 9:38 AM on May 9, 2005

Ooops...."Midday" Sun.
posted by Turtles all the way down at 9:42 AM on May 9, 2005

Cue the wacky montage set to Smash Mouth's "Rock Star." thisfilmhasnotyetbeenrated
posted by keswick at 9:58 AM on May 9, 2005

Wasn't that song called "Allstar"?

I can't remember. I've spent way too much money on booze trying to forget the song to bother looking it up.
posted by Dark Messiah at 8:43 PM on May 9, 2005

Whatever. It's just one song, different name.
posted by keswick at 7:47 AM on May 11, 2005

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