I'm building a Cobra with 900 horsepower but I'd much rather something friendlier to the environment
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GreenCar.com Useful info on hybrid technology, electric vehicles, hydrogen and biodiesel. Features include Carroll Shelby on alternative fuel, Dr. Gerhard Schmidt (Vice President Ford motor co.), Ray Bradbury on Women Drivers.
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Wow! I had no idea liquid hydrogen cars had come along so far (and go so fast!). Thanks Lanark.
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I've been a proud Prius possessor since aught 4. Although my mileage isn't as good as the EPA would have us believe (more like 40mpg average than 55), I'm still happy at how infrequently I journey pumpwards.
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I still can't believe that they didn't bother making the Smart a hybrid electrical. I want a hybrid, but the Smart is almost too cute to pass up...
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dreamsign: The extra weight of batteries and an electric motor would likely increase the Smart's fuel consumption. The marginal value of using a hybrid powertrain goes down with the size of the vehicle.
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Thanks, PE! Knew there had to be a reason.

I'm told that diesel is far cleaner than it used to be, too, otherwise I'd never consider using a diesel vehicle regardless of mileage. My hope is to pick up a Smart and then benefit from the increased trade in veggie fuel. If a station opens up nearby, I'll be able to run off the clean stuff without any engine mods which would be sweet.
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I'm insanely pleased with my purchase of a VW Jetta Wagon TDI. I'm looking for a local distributor of Biodiesel, but have come up empty-handed so far. And yet, I'm still averaging 47MPG total (not just highway, here), and I'm not even good at driving the stick-shift yet.

If you ask me, this is a much better idea than a hybrid car with electric batteries (which will probably need to be replaced after not too long) containing all sorts of odd chemicals.

Locally grow plants to make the biodiesel instead of shipping petroleum-based fuels in from the middle east, and you're that much closer to a carbon-neutral system. You get insanely good mileage using very common engine technology that's actually very clean-burning if you use good fuel.
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our opportunist president was just at a biodiesal plant today speaking of its promises and potentials. now if we could just stop consuming so much made from petroleum plastic crap imported via fuel consuming trade routes and supporting local economies.....whoops, slipping into that dream state again.
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