Leftover Lunch
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Leftover Lunch is an exploration of lunches way past their due date.
posted by arkine (8 comments total)
posted by ackeber at 11:29 PM on May 22, 2005

For some reason, I'm only surprised that no one has done this before. Or maybe they did, but they didn't have nice neighborhood bloggers to tell other people about it.
posted by deusdiabolus at 12:16 AM on May 23, 2005

This is another one of those "I'm too scared to click the link" moments.
posted by peacay at 1:26 AM on May 23, 2005

I wonder if this is what Al Gore had in mind when he invented the internet.
posted by grey_flap at 3:56 AM on May 23, 2005

It amazes me that people make web pages like this....

I'm also amazed that anyone thought this was worth an FPP...

yeah, arkine...I'm talking about YOU!

posted by HuronBob at 7:35 AM on May 23, 2005

This page is apparently part of a contest to create the most successful viral website. I think (at least) one of the other sites has been posted on Metafilter. You can find the leaderboard here.

Sorry if that spoiled, uh, whatever for somebody, but I thought it was interesting.
posted by mmcg at 8:37 AM on May 23, 2005

mmcg... thanks for that....

I suggest that anyone that fpp's any site from that list be covered with honey and fed alive to small starving children with sharp teeth.
posted by HuronBob at 9:25 AM on May 23, 2005

Steve, Don't Eat It! is funnier, I think.
posted by Jon-o at 10:18 AM on May 23, 2005

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