Update on Microsoft and Ralph Reed
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Update to previous posts on Microsoft and erstwhile consultant Ralph Reed: As discussed here, here and here, Microsoft had been paying conservative consultant Ralph Reed a princely monthly sum.
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Reed's lobbying firm, Century Strategies, lobbied for Microsoft on international trade and competition.

Uh huh.
posted by Morrigan at 4:16 PM on May 29, 2005

It does seem that they were deluged with email about this both internal and external.

Perhaps those of us who give a damn about computing freedom should start a similarly vocal email drive against Palladium, which has the potential for being even more evil than Reed.
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Well I think this confirms it. Microsoft is in fact evil. They have been working with a minion of the devil.
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Well, I'm no fan of Microsoft and I say this not to defend Microsoft but to provide context. Basically the Republicans shook Microsoft down.

As we know, the US government (during the Clinton administration) went after Microsoft for anti-competitive practices. The Republicans offered to help. But since Microsoft hadn't really been a big, exclusive contributor to the party before this, they basically forced Microsoft to (pardon the language) lick sh*t off their shoes first and hire Ralph Reed (a.k.a. Damien).

Admittedly, I'm operating under the assumption that Gates, Balmer, and the rest aren't ultra-conservative religious fundamentalists but at their heart (business practices notwithstanding) more or less 'live and let live' capitalists.

Note too that Reed's parting comes after a settlement with the government and after Bush's reelection.

In short, there may be plenty of reasons to dislike (even hate) Microsoft, but somehow I don't think they were in the driver's seat when it came to hiring Reed.
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Ralph Reed's cool if you're into stoning for adultery or taking the Lord's word in vain.

Otherwise - since his pals are running the US government - Ralph is a bit of a hassle.
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Heh, everyone's been watching MSFT but I haven't seen too much commentary on Google's new hire...
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Corporate tithing.

Aak! Madamejujujive! Senor? I guess they're outsourcing the "doing evil?"
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(a.k.a. Damien)
Exactly! And he's running for office in GA now, too. (which Omen sequel was that?)

A former Senior Associate at the Carlyle Group, Senor was briefly Scott McLellan's deputy as White House spokesman before becoming head of the the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq's information department. The White House web site bills him as Senior Advisor to Presidential Envoy L. Paul Bremer III. Fox News hired Senor as a panelist in February. While in Iraq Senor showed his loyalty by going jogging in a Bush-Cheney '04 tracksuit.
What, will he invade and bomb France so they stop fighting Google?
posted by amberglow at 4:44 AM on May 30, 2005

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