So Long Mr. Brown.
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RIP Oscar Brown Jr. Truly one of the greats, a legendary singer, songwriter, playwright, poet and civil rights activist, the world of jazz has lost a major member of the family.
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Well goddamn it I just discovered him last week and got Sin & Soul yesterday - what a great album! I guess I'll never see him live...
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Dat Dere is such a damn classic, is it not?
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He introduced me to Jazz when he taught at my college. I've seen him play live a handful of times and he was an incredible performer. I will miss him greatly.
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You are one lucky man there massa howie. What course was it by the way, do tell sir!

This is bad. Even my cat is named after him.

We've known (at work) that he's been ill for a few weeks. We even read PSAs by request of the Brown family to send prayers and visit the site they made for him and to send email to be read to Oscar at the hospital.

I knew this was going to happen, 'just didn't... know it was going to happen.

Matt, tell us about you and he at college -
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Damn, this is sad. Sin and Soul is one of my favorite albums. My wife has used some of his music in different lessons (Signifying Monkey and, I think, Bid 'Em In).
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(hysterical sobbing)

(snare drum hit)

...but he was cool!
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