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Nominative determinism could hang like an albatross around your neck. I'm sure the the Kinsey Institute's current director, however, is pretty relaxed about such things. She comes across as quite cool in this interview on Science Blog. I can't help but wonder if the interviewer is starting the conversation with a dig in the same juvenile vein as this post.
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Nor can I.
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might a bear shit in the woods?
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This is, how to put it, a bit juvenile, no?
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George Gamow & Ralph Alpher & Hans Bethe wrote a paper on the Big Bang and cosmic background radiation. Gamow and Alpher did most of the work, but they went out of their way to make their colleague, Hans Bethe, a co-author. This meant that the author list became, in alphabetical order, Alpha, Beta and Gamma - which are the first three letters of the Greek alphabet!

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Top this!
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