Scotsman Newspaper Digital Archive 1817-1950
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Edinburgh's Scotsman newspaper has launched a digital archive covering all editions from 1817-1950. There are several stories with an American slant which may be something that interests you. There is coverage on such things as the hanging of the notorious bodysnatchers Burke and Hare. Unfortunately, after viewing the free archives it is a paysite, but I still think it's worth a look as there is easily a couple of hours of interesting reading on the free articles that are included. The set-up and look of this site is brilliant as well.
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Just wow. Keyword search...I have uncovered so many amazing articles already. I am going to spend a fortune.
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Sounds exciting - unfortunately the site isn't loading for me. I can't resist taking a jab at those URLs though - they're atrocious. Ff you're going to stick over 100 years of history online it would be really nice if you came up with a logical URL scheme for them.
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very cool.
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Hopefully these links will work. Its a shame not to see them as they look great and the language employed is fantastic.

San Fran Earthquake 1906, the General strike in Glasgow and Custer's Last Stand.
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This is wonderful!
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I love old papers. Nice link but it may cost me money, damn you ClanvidHorse!
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This is wonderful -- thanks!
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Just fabulous.

(And I'm hoping this will shame West Coast rivals The Herald into making their website, well, not so shit.)
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