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Years ago, Jane and Michael Stern authored Amazing America, a fabulous book about roadside America, which was one of my favorite references for something novel to see while traveling in the US. The New Jersey section is far too brief. Thank you Weird NJ for filling in the gap.
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Heh. It has been scientifically determined that everything interesting to do in New Jersey is found in the pages of Weird NJ. We seem to have a great deal of folklore that comes out every Halloween...but the state is mostly intriguing in its oddness.
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J & M Stern are regular guests on splendid table.
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This reminded me of another weird NJ site. They used to have my infamous salt trick up there but it appears they've taken it down.
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Don't forget Roadside America.
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I absolutely adore the Sterns. Their Encyclopedia of Bad Taste is one of my most treasured books. I wish I could be the Sterns! Well except for all that eating in diners business.
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Wierd NJ is amazing stuff; I always loved their "abandoned psychiatric facilities" articles.

Oh, and beware the Jackson Whites.
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I grew up in NJ and I never heard of any of this stuff except for the Jersey Devil.
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ZenMasterThis -

Check out the Haunted New Jersey book ("deal" in my first post). The authors are locals and have done years of research into stories in and around the state. It's good stuff, a well-done look at our supernatural myths.

I mostly listed the Ghosts of the Garden State books because the second volume ("lore" in that post) features the ghost in Kendall Hall at the College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State), which was a sort of pet obsession of mine when I went there.
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The Jackson Whites are not just an urban legend.
"The available records [...] indicate that the present numbers of mixed-bloods have sprung from the great reproductive increase of small intial populations. "
Or, inbreeding, as we less-affectionately call it. The Jackson Whites in N. New Jersey (specifically the Ramapo Mountains) don't take kindly to outsiders, however, and have been known to shoot at trespassers on occasion.
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