Phil Gordon's Podcasts from WSOP 2005
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Shuffle up and deal--Phil Gordon's Podcasts from WSOP 2005 Featuring between level commentary on hands played and interviews with World Series of Poker players--well-known and not--Phil Gordon's podcasts are entertaining and informative. It's way better than waiting till ESPN broadcasts portions in September.
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Really, poker is the opium of the masses... who frickin' cares?
posted by R. Mutt at 8:57 PM on June 11, 2005

Very cool. Also, for poker fans, Paul Phillips livejournal (thanks to Wil Wheaton for that one.)

On preview: Isn't religion the opium of the masses, R. Mutt.? Just how many opiates are there? You seem to be anointed enough to pass judgement, so please enlighten the rest of us...
posted by Cyrano at 9:05 PM on June 11, 2005

Sorry, I try not to argue with drug addicts.
posted by R. Mutt at 9:28 PM on June 11, 2005

ok. enough with the poker already. really. it's just dull.
posted by dvdgee at 10:52 PM on June 11, 2005

Ooh, can I be next to piss on a thread that's clearly labeled as being about a subject that I have no interest in so I can prove how superior I am to those that do have said interest?
posted by dragstroke at 11:06 PM on June 11, 2005

Hey Mutt, you're supposed to play for quarters with your friends...
posted by anthill at 3:57 AM on June 12, 2005

I like opiates and poker, I just don't mix the two.
posted by jbou at 4:29 AM on June 12, 2005

Thanks for this. I've been ignoring the whole podcast thing - it seemed about as interesting to me as poker seems to be to some mefites.
BTW - I went from $100 to $1000 last night, in my local $2-5NL game. That would explain the attraction to poker, for me at least. My hourly rate at poker is now about the same as my hourly rate at work, but the variance is still a killer. I never have a week at the office where I lose money.
posted by bashos_frog at 5:29 AM on June 12, 2005

> I just don't mix the two.

I like to mix the two. Getting a good nod on helps me maintain the patience I need to avoid playing those marginal hands.
posted by PeterMcDermott at 6:19 AM on June 12, 2005

I was listening to this on the weekend. In the first one I listened to he was recording during the breaks between hands, there was a really funny segment that went something like:
"I just need to double up once, and I'll be in a good position, but I'm not doing too well"
"Well, I just did great, I [numbers numbers hands numbers numbers players hands numbers] and the euphoria is just indescribable"
"Well, the euphoria was short lived..."
posted by Capn at 8:10 AM on June 13, 2005

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