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Scamdy - Is it fraud or not? Andy Stephenson, former Democratic candidate for the Secretary of State of Washington, former associate director of the Black Box Voting non-profit organization and currently a self-proclaimed "Voting Rights Activist" and "Online Investigator," is alleged to have defrauded hundreds and possibly thousands of people involved in the progressive movement throughout the US and abroad by perpetrating a complicated online hoax and fundraising scheme to pay for alleged medical treatment for what he claims is a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. This website asks three simple questions before filing a complaint to the FBI... (a more concise story laid out here)
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This post was deleted for the following reason: meh

The more interesting question is how does the shadowy Ben Burch figure in the initial fundraising, the outing and harassment of the investigators, and why is Eric Brooks kissing his ass and covering for him?

It's a riddle wrapped in an enigma.
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Well, now that you mention it, could the USS Enterprise beat an imperial star destroyer?
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Reverend Mykeru: No, the Star Destroyer would obliterate the enterprise.

The real question is, in a Star Trek/ Wars fanfic where the author wrote himself into the story as some sort of bipedal ocelot, would Captain Kirk have sex with Darth Vader?

I went to and felt like I'd accidentally walked in on a cult in the middle of drinking cool aid and lacing up their Nikes.
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OMG Karl Rove is an evil genius to have pulled this one off.
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Gentlemen, you know I respect you both, but trust me on this: this is the wrong thing to do, or at the very least, the wrong place to do it.

Eric, I know you probably posted this in good faith, but Mefi ain't what it once was. There isn't likely to be much inquiry forthcoming, only a bit of snark. There are some serious issues involved here, but it's so buttered by now with the NERD FIGHT overtones that MeFi won't be able to resist the siren call of a free snark lunch.

And dhoyt, give it a rest. That line is getting really really old.
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Really, Wulfgar?
I may come back to MeFi more often now this place is more snarky. I like it :0)

Reverend Mykeru is just looking to be a linkwhore as usual, that's all. *neener! Neener!*
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(The following contains a collection of NSFW and/or patently absurd links)

What's even more intriguing is who is Eric Brooks? Exactly who is he working for? What's his erotic fixation with clowns? Are his inappropriate posts part of a larger plot? And what the fuck is with the slutty Poser chicks? Is that nerdy wank material for someone who can't afford one of these? And whatever happened to this guy?
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Rev... whaddya you think you're da bomb or something? :0)
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See... Total nerd fight.
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And dhoyt, give it a rest. That line is getting really really old

Well, yeah. I was bein' kinda ironical. Ya see, that line has been used in total sincerity for years and years, and, well, I was turning it around to mean--

aw fuck it.
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