Ritual murder moral panic
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Poor old Mr. Plod can do no right - Scotlan Yard report into beliefs concerning child-abuse among ethnic minorities backfires, when media build up a moral panic, reminiscent of earlier cases of Satanic ritual abuse. (previously raised here).
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Sorry - sko'lnya:d
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Shortly after the leak, however, came a flurry of media accounts of "a shocking Scotland Yard report" which was said to detail the way in which young African boys, "unblemished by circumcision", were being smuggled through ports and airports to be slaughtered during the concoction of "powerful spells". One BBC reporter described the report as "absolutely chilling". The corporation says it stands fully behind its reporting.

I'm gradually losing all respect for the BBC.
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Back in 1989 I was on our treatment center's new task force for "Ritual Satanic Abuse". We were adding it a track in our treatment center. I took classes from the Chicago PD on how to spot it and even then I was skeptical. When pressed for specific cases, the officer could not come up with a single case (shock) but my oh my, the stories they tell!.

I listened to all of their stories then politely declined to be involved in it in any way. Hysteria comes on strong but goes away almost as strongly. As soon as this became less trendy, we stopped hearing anything about it, thankfully.
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Told you so.
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