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Dershowitz and The Governator. Long time sparring partners Alan Dershowitz and Norman Finkelstein are at it again, arguing over the publication of the latter's new book. Only this time, Dershowitz tried to call in the big guns.
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Dershowitz is an ass. And he's so afraid of this guy--hysterical!

...Most of Beyond Chutzpah consists of these kinds of juxtapositions--arguments by Dershowitz on Israeli practices of torture, assassinations, treatment of Palestinian children, and water and land rights, refuted by documentation from human rights organizations. ...
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I don't care how smart he is, Dershowitz is a whore
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Huh, Is the person who got OJ simpson off really someone you want to listen to as far as reasoned debate is concerned?


This is a guy (Dershowitz) who said "I think the Jury is going to return a verdict that won't have micheal Jackson singing 'beat it'" On CNN. Not that that particular quote has anything to do with his overall credibility, I just found it hilariously idiotic and felt the need to share.

Also the Metafilter spellcheck suggests "Overshoot" for Dershowitz.
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I don't care how smart he is, Dershowitz is a whore

Watch what you say, he's likely to get Governor Plo Chops to come kick your ass.
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Dershowitz is an unbelievable, unbelievable ass. Someone gave me "Letters to a Young Lawyer" just before I started law school, and literally every example in it is self-aggrandizing. He mentions Harvard on every page, and his only benchmark for evaluating any kind of conduct is the Holocaust.

Burn asshole burn! What a fink.
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