Google Click Fraud
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Google sued by Click Defense for click fraud. Earlier Google had sued Auction Experts for click fraud. Meanwhile Google shows profits up 600% and its shares cross $300. Will Google eat itself. What is Click Fraud and how to fight it.
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This is like the 3rd google post in 36hrs - just sayin'...
Suit? profit? Hm. Trashthegoogle.
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Thought the content was quite interesting though, don't have a problem with multiple posts on a subject if they're interesting.
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Sure it's about google, and the return key was indeed used, never the less I found it very interesting. Thanks webmeta.
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The 1st "trimester" 2005? Are they giving birth? Fiscal quarters, anyone? And if it's trading somewhere at $215 at the moment, I'll buy. Where's my credit card?
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The 1st "trimester" 2005
Many romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian etc.) use "trimestr*" to mean "quarter". I guess that the writer is from one of these countries and not a native English speaker.
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Yeah, 600% what the fuck? Are they washing their faces with Louis XIII congac now? Pissing in Evian water bottles? Something doesn't add up.

According to the WSJ they've yet to pay dividends and actually dropped $5 to $290 today. I don't think anyone can be a bull on a $300 stock. If they really have large cash reserves all these investors are going to start demanding some dividends a la MS. We'll see how it turns out.
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I can't believe how stupid I am about the whole ad thing; i could barely make heads or tails of the "What is Click Fraud" link, except for the bit about competitive click fraud. Anyway, all interesting.
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cliff notes fot taz: when it comes to adsense ads, don't do stupid shit.
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