Darfur Primer
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This week, the New Republic's &c. blog is providing a primer on the Darfur conflict. Today's post: why the genocide started, how it is being carried out, and whether it is getting worse. Registration is required, but you can find a userid and password here.
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This is a great round-up of what's going on there. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series. (I hope I remember.)

Thanks alot for the link.
posted by OmieWise at 1:13 PM on July 18, 2005

...the scarce primary resources in Darfur--arable land and water--has been exacerbated by advancing desertification throughout the Sahel region.

Why does it sound like Jared Diamond wrote this? I bet he feels like he's being heard...
posted by Moral Animal at 1:58 PM on July 18, 2005

Thanks for the link; like OmieWise, I'm going to try to remember to keep visiting it.
posted by languagehat at 3:47 PM on July 18, 2005

I'm new here, so I'm probably going to walk into a flame war with this opinion, but: if you think a money-losing independent journal of opinion is putting up valuable information to help you understand a crucial issue of the day, don't you think you could help them out by registering?

A few seconds of your time and some information in exchange for their paying a pittance of a salary to an intelligent blogger to compile this information: seems like a fair trade to me.
posted by teaperson at 12:39 PM on July 19, 2005

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