A post-Iran nuclear Middle East?
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Who else has Khan worked with? As far back as 2003, there have been strong indications of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia building a strategic alliance based upon an exchange of nuclear technology, funding and natural resources, after a worsening post-9/11 relationship between the United States and the Saud family. Concerns deepened after Saudi Arabia requested a change in its relationship with the IAEA in May.
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Sorry. I had to do it. *Thar be audio here*
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Sy Hersh on Khan, from last year.
btw, not this Khan
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On February 4th, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, who is revered in Pakistan as the father of the country’s nuclear bomb, appeared on a state-run television network in Islamabad and confessed that he had been solely responsible for operating an international black market in nuclear-weapons materials. His confession was accepted by a stony-faced Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s President, who is a former Army general, and who dressed for the occasion in commando fatigues. The next day, on television again, Musharraf, who claimed to be shocked by Khan’s misdeeds, nonetheless pardoned him, citing his service to Pakistan (he called Khan “my hero”). Musharraf told the Times that he had received a specific accounting of Khan’s activities in Iran, North Korea, and Malaysia from the United States only last October. “If they knew earlier, they should have told us,” he said. “Maybe a lot of things would not have happened.”

mr. mark This Sy Hersh, don't you know his wife works for the Agency and you shouldn't go out on a limb with this story.
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mr. mark marx. sorry.
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Uh, Chuckles Wilson?
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Er, Tom Hanks?
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Zbigniew Brzezinski? BCCI? Noriega?

Am I getting warm?
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Harken? James Bath? Gestapo Muller?
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Don't tell me. I've almost got it.

*goes outside*
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Drew Curtis?
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Derive the Hamiltonian, I've waited twenty years for such an apt use of that movie moment and you beat me to it. Damn you sir, damn you.
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