November 19, 2000
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George W. Bush is wearing a ZZ Top hat this morning. I wonder if he's a fan of the band's 1976 song Arrested for Driving While Blind ... "When you're driving down the highway at night/And you're feelin' that wild turkey's bite/Don't give Johnny Walker a ride/Cause Jack Black is right by your side/You might get taken to the jailhouse and find/You've been arrested for driving while blind."
posted by rcade (12 comments total)
Was that supposed to be funny?
posted by pnevares at 11:12 AM on November 19, 2000

When Bush and Gore are both playing "see who looks more presidential" these days, I thought it was pretty funny to see the former boozehound partyboy in a ZZ Top cap.
posted by rcade at 11:39 AM on November 19, 2000

pnevares: you're Republican, right? :-)
posted by baylink at 1:07 PM on November 19, 2000

baylink: You guessed that from the above post? I guess I didn't find the humor in it, but I had just woken up, so what do I know. :P
posted by pnevares at 1:18 PM on November 19, 2000

So...does that mean Gee Dubya's going to trade in Air Force One for the Magic Hot Rod?

(Only if Clinton gives it up, I guess.)
posted by RakDaddy at 1:40 PM on November 19, 2000

This country needs someone who is representative of the common man. All of our representation comes from stuffy, upper-class citizens who, as a general rule, make up a very small percentage of our population.

Democracy my ass.

And the powers that be wonder why the average Blue Collar working Joe (or Jane) has no respect for politics. They have no representation.

I think it would be a good thing for Bush to push our national policy while cruisin' in the Eliminator. If Gee Dubya wants to be like ZZ Top, I'm all for it. Boozehound partyboy all the way.

This, my friends, is who we need in the White House. Someone who can drink a case of beer, go hunt something big and harmless, and then go cruise for chicks in a souped-up hot rod.

He's got my vote when everything gets screwed up and we have another election in December all because people can't read a ballot.
posted by Arvid at 7:10 PM on November 19, 2000

The last time someone tried to get elected by relating to "the common man" we got Andrew Jackson. Actually this could be similar if Bush gets elected and appoints Taney: The Sequel to the Supreme Court as many people fear.
posted by kidsplateusa at 8:17 PM on November 19, 2000

This country needs someone who is representative of the common man.

Harrison Bergeron, anyone?

You're complaining about people who can't read a ballot, and want a President who jokes about the one book he read at Yale? A President whose "common man" credentials include having a father who was President, a few million in the bank from oil deals financed by his billionaire buddies, and a campaign funded almost entirely by the richest few percent of the country? Right. Blue collar, my working-class arse.

(And anyway, I seem to remember that the President who did most for the common man this century -- FDR -- was an unabashed scion of the upper class.)
posted by holgate at 1:23 AM on November 20, 2000

Someone who can drink a case of beer,
and then *admit* to it.

Yeah, that wouldn't be a problem.

And yeah, Pnavares... what can I say. I'm good. :-)
posted by baylink at 6:52 AM on November 20, 2000

I wonder if GW is a big fan of 'El Loco' -- that ZZ Top album where the cover shows the band getting busted with a few gunnysacks full of weed
posted by snakey at 9:57 AM on November 20, 2000

Apparently, sarcasm does not transfer very well to MetaFilter.
posted by Arvid at 10:56 AM on November 20, 2000

"I got a girl, she lives on the hill.
She won't do it but her sister will,
When she boogie,
She do the tube snake boogie.
Well now boogie little baby,
Boogie woogie all night long.
Blow your top blow your top blow your top"
— ZZ Top Tube Snake Boogie from El Loco 1981
posted by terrapin at 11:48 AM on November 20, 2000

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