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Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession. In the late 1970s to the end of the 1980s, LA's Z Channel was a pay-TV cable channel that would play loads of esoteric films. It'd been credited with starting the trend of "director's cuts", bringing passed-over directors and films to the public's attention, and in some cases, was directly responsible for Oscar Nominations -- and was basically the work of one man, Jerry Harvey. Unfortunately, Z Channel folded shortly after Jerry Harvey killed his wife and then himself. Xan Cassavetes' film tells the story of Jerry Harvey and Z Channel through interviews with filmmakers and those involved, including an archival interview with Harvey himself.
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Ah, I just taped it on IFC the other day but haven't watched it yet. Cool set of links.

When I was a kid in the late 70s I remember getting something called ON tv. It was a giant cable box that got one channel, the ON tv channel. If I remember correctly, it only played content from 5 or 6 pm until 11 or midnight, too. Like two movies and that was it for $20 a month. It wasn't until 1983 or 84 that multichannel cable came to my neighborhood.
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I caught this last night -- my SO got it via NetFlix (I guess they've got a special deal to rent this one since it's not out on DVD otherwise), and loved it -- it's really well done. In one of the interviews, she mentions a 5 hour cut -- I'm not sure if I could watch all of that, but I could have certainly seen a bit more. It's really intersting, but then again, I'm a complete media junkie, particularly film and TV. (I am a person who, growing up, would pretend to have a TV station, so in a way, this is like someone living my fantasy... erm, save the end bit.)

Anyway, though -- it was a really impressive documentary, although they didn't show any footage from Z Channel itself, which I thought was odd, but presumably rights issues got in the way. It's actually surprisingly hard to find anything on Z Channel that's not about the film. Pretty much everything I could find is in there.
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Tangentially... in my neighborhood, OnTV wasn't cable at all. It was broadcast over the normal airwaves (UHF), but scrambled like pay cable channels. You still had to have a decoder box. Didn't last too long after cable started making inroads!
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I saw this recently, it's very good. Being from the east coat and slightly too young to know much of a world before HBO, I'd never heard of Z Channel. It's pretty odd to imagine that there was a time when directors who couldn't get wide distribution were basically stuck without a venue for their work until Z Channel and its ilk came along.

One of the films mentioned in the doc that I'd love to see is Overlord. Anyone seen it and care to offer some thoughts?
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There's an interview with Xan Cassavettes about the documentary here.
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I grew up in LA. We didn't have cable - but my rich friends had Z Channel cable boxes - there were like 26 channels. It was killer.
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