And we all know Nicole Kidman can't do comedy
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I love obsessive fan sites, and they don't come much more obsessive than this one about Bewitched full of pointless, comprehensive lists about everything from costumes to ad agency clients. On a related note, if you ever wondered what happened to Darrin the first - the very unlucky Dick York - then wonder no more. There's also Paul Lynde's favorite dish and a list of his jokes from Celebrity Squares.
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All total, there were 590 actors and actresses given credit for appearing in Bewitched, with 411 appearing only once. Another 112 appeared only two or three times, and sometimes played the same character. This leaves only 67 people who appeared in four or more episodes, and with 48 appearing in four to 10 episodes, there were only 19 people that appeared in more than 10 episodes. Of these 19, only five actors appeared as more than one character. Most notably, Elizabeth Montgomery played Serena in 24 episodes in addition to appearing as Samantha 254 times. Bernard Fox appeared once as Osgood Rightmeyer before making 19 appearances as Dr. Bombay. Dick Wilson appeared 17 times, usually as a drunk, but on occasion as a neighbor or other character. Alice Ghostley appeared once as Naomi before appearing 13 times as Esmerelda. Paul Lynde played Harold Harold once before appearing as Uncle Arthur 10 times. Of the remaining 14, six were used to play three roles: Dick York and Dick Sargent as Darrin; Irene Vernon and Kasey Rogers as Louise: and Alice Pearce and Sandra Gould as Gladys. That leaves only ten actors who appeared in 10 or more episodes as one character.
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Whew, I thought this was a fansite just about the new movie.
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Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, Green Acres -- there's something for everyone. It amazes me that people can be so passionate about a former television sitcom and devote so much time and energy to these websites; to these true labors of love. To each his own.
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Wow. Nice finds! I just wish the "Manimal" fan site was as comprehensive.
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Uncle Arthur was only in 10 episodes?? Wow... that really surprises me.

Great find, dodgygeezer! I thought this post was going to be about the very cool, another obsessive fansite about the show.
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If you want to see how wonderfully obssesive this site really gets, check out the "Crossover Props" page, showing shared props from Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. The shelving from McMann & Tate and NASA? The light fixture? The airplane interior? This is genius obssesive!
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I wasted way too much time on the Paul Lynde Hollywood Squares quotes.
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I wasted way too much time on the Paul Lynde Hollywood Squares quotes.

Really? Because I considered that one of the better 20 minutes I've had in recent memory!

Then again, I have an unreasonable and thankfully totally platonic crush on that darling man, whom I sincerely hope is wearing a stunning tiara and unwrinkled pink chiffon robe while on permanent bill at the Heavenly Ha-Ha Club.
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Oh, ditto, melissa may!! I'm beginning to think that we were separated at birth or something.
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Paul Lynde: me three. Giggling insanely all the way through.
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And don't forget The Avengers.
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Wow. Simply WOW. I am a moderate fan of the show, and just amazed at the level of detail on this site.
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odin's yep. what ancient history
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Melissa May, et al--I wasn't clear. I spent too much time there because I loved it. I should not have classified it as a "waste."

I *heart* Paul Lynde. (Also Charles Nelson Reilly, but that's a different discussion.)
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Wow Melissa and Frisbee, we must be conjoined triplets. I remember watching Mr. Lynde on both Hollywood Squares (I practiced talking in a sneer like him) and on Bewitched where I first heard from my grandmother the term "confirmed bachelor" even though I had no idea what it meant.
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"That's... the most depressing thing I've seen in quite awhile, though."

This is actually fascinating as well as depressing (the whole site). Nearly everyone is dead from the series. And the 60's is, almost ancient history. Plus, my depressing early childhood is evoked.
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I couldn't stand to look at the first link for more than a second. Why people would ever care about the life of an actor is way beyond me. But then I'm the kind of guy who can watch an anthill for half an hour.
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Paul Lynde - crockpotter before his time.

The recipe isn't bad, but canned potatoes?
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sometimes when Thanksgiving dinner is especially heinous, i sit there and imagine Paul Lynde is my uncle instead of Mr. Toby Keith Republican. (sigh.) and my partner can do a dead-on Lynde impression--i think it's one of the top ten reasons i love him.
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Great post. I spent way too much time on the Dick York link.
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