Exploitation in the United Arab Emirates
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Exploitation in the United Arab Emirates: A total of 36 Bangladeshi children employed as 'camel jockeys' in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have returned home yesterday ending their prolonged sufferings in the oil-rich nation. "The job is very tiresome. We had to work from morning till night, tending the camels, training them, cleaning their faeces and mounting the camels in the racing games." In 2003, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights reported on the issue. Pictures via AntiSlavery.org.
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Don't they have robots to do this now?
posted by sklero at 6:48 AM on August 12, 2005

There's links about Pakistani kids in the recent robot jockey thread.
posted by peacay at 6:59 AM on August 12, 2005

I find it quite funny that "camel jockeys" are not arabic.
posted by srboisvert at 7:03 AM on August 12, 2005

Robots? Sure. And put the monkey's out of work. Stupid robots.
posted by tkchrist at 1:35 PM on August 12, 2005

How are the robots going to clean up the poop? Or do they use roombas for that?
posted by delmoi at 9:23 PM on August 12, 2005

Roombas would freak the camals out to much. To clean the feces the could use a modified "womba" mentioned in a SNL joke.
posted by Suparnova at 10:37 AM on August 13, 2005

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