Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms
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Popular Science has posted on their website 5 free mp3's by Jonathan Coullter to go along with their "The Future of the Body" special issue. Below are some lyrics to "Better", a song about the romantic perils of body augmentation: "You started out small Some gills and some wings and a few extra thumbs Now you're thirteen feet tall Even when you're asleep your machinery hums And I'm tired of the evenings I spend Making small talk with your new robot friends And their stupid insistence on scanning my iris When they know damn well who I am" It's all pretty funny stuff. And pretty slick to boot. You can download the songs direct from Coulter's site here as well as the lyrics.
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Coulton. Coulter is the batshitinsane family line.
posted by Rothko at 6:17 AM on August 17, 2005

Oh crap... right.

he he, my bad... duh.
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Also check out his fabulous song "Ikea." I sing it every time we go. To Ikea.
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Coulton's not merely a novelty songwriter, although I do love his goofy takes on furniture, heartbreak, mad scientists, and al fresco fucking. If you're poking around his songs page, try "Brookline", "Screwed", and "Skullcrusher Mountain" for a start. He has a real melodic gift and a great voice.

I ran to get both his CDs from CDBaby (who are also awesome) after downloading and playing all the mp3s for a couple of weeks. If you don't want the CDs, but you like what you've downloaded at his site or Popular Science, toss him a few bucks through PayPal or Amazon, would ya?
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Oh yeah -- "First of May", too.
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I'm so proud - Jonathan's a friend of mine and I was just about to pimp his new stuff here. :) Doubly proud 'cause I'm actually from "Brookline"!
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the sound and lyrics feel more than a little derivative of the giants, but that's not at all a bad thing.

having trouble getting unstuck from the popsci ep right now, much as I want to listen to some of his other stuff.
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And don't forget "Mandelbrot Set"! It's a fun, poppy song, and it'll make you want to know more about fractals.
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Yea, Skullcrusher Mountain is awesome.
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hee, skullcrusher mountain (and the fanart) reminded me of this.
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