R.I.P Biscuit
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Randy "Biscuit" Turner, singer for the legendary punk-funk/skate-punk band Big Boys died yesterday.
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They did "Sound on Sound," right?

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"Which way to go" is one of my fave all-time songs. And the art in that first link is great. I never knew. Thanks, bluno.
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I had the pleasure of playing in a band that opened on several occasions for one of (Big Boys guitarist) Tim Kerr's later projects, Bad Mutha Goose. If Kerr's onstage energy and talent were any indication, I can only imagine what a Big Boys show must have been like.

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I was just looking through "Fat Elvis/Skinny Elvis" today to see if there were any good meat songs. What sad news.
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Always was partial to "frat cars."
With The Dicks and MDC, the best thing about texas.
Also some of the best of punk.
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For some reason, I had a sudden urge to hear the Big Boys' version of Hollywood Swingers last night, and looked for it on the 'net for a while, without luck. Hadn't thought of it in years (my cassette copy melted in a fire almost 20 years ago), and then this news wakes me up on the radio.

Austin has lost one of its finest, for sure. They were the first Punk band to play the Armadillo, & I can still remember the hullabaloo that it caused amongst the hippies thereabouts, though I didn't see the show. Those were red-letter days, and this town was just electric with excitement back then. We aging punks, ex-punks and other assorted musical misfits hereabouts owe it all to him. I know lots of folks who knew him well, and they're going to be crushed by this. A sad day.
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the big boys were a fantastic band. I just off a radio show and did a half hour tribute to him. A sad day indeed.
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