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Holography For The Masses! A magical journey of making holograms with a $7.99 laser pointer and higher-power laser diodes.
posted by mr.curmudgeon (5 comments total)
Neato, but it would be cooler to me if he included a true howto rather than just a shopping list, vague references to procedure, and end results.
posted by mystyk at 10:34 AM on August 19, 2005

Of course.. he's shilling his book (and laser combo).
What gets me, is that he received his information from someone else on how to do it - and now he's profiting.


Here is a site
that actually has the How-To. Neat stuff
posted by niteHawk at 10:42 AM on August 19, 2005

It's a Denisyuk hologram, and there is a good article in
Scientific American about it from 1988. Search for Denisyuk
on the web, and you can make sense of the shilling.
posted by the Real Dan at 11:31 AM on August 19, 2005

Put powerful technology in people's hands and interesting and creative things will ensue. Good.
posted by Herr Fahrstuhl at 11:43 AM on August 19, 2005

This is why I spend way too much time on the internet.
posted by Toecutter at 1:52 PM on August 19, 2005

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