Katydid sing like a symphony
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Singing Insects of North America Most of us have heard these little fellas performing their serenades of a summer evening. Some of their songs have a sort of lilting syncopation, others sound more like heavy metal of the industrial revolution variety. (.wav files) Check out the greatest hits list. Some are pretty. Some are ugly. Some are pretty ugly Some are bona fide coneheads. Anyway, there are lots of them to check out! (Related Mefi links here and here.)
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Ugh. Sorry for the punctuation lapses.
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[This is good]
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Thanks interrobang! (For the great link and the approbation -- this is only my second FPP.)
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great link - Im bookmarking it. This time of year (late August) I have great cicada and cricket sounds around here. Love that surround sound buzzing in the trees on a hot day that even puts man made guitar feedback guys like Jimi Hendrix and Karl Precoda or the Warlocks to shame. rock on, bugs!
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Oh yeah, and big, fat, grounded Cicadas = great cat toys.
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Nice post: insects are amazing creatures.

How they sing, scanning electron microscope images of their stridulatory files and scrapers, and telling temperature with cricket chirps.

We need household robots with this feature as an option.
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...a better explanation of cricket singing at Bug of the Month.
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I found one of these guys in my kitchen one night. He was making lots of racket at 2 in the morning. I took him outside.

They are cool creatures.
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