Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away
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Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away
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Wow. It's like the complete opposite of "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury.

That's the most interesting thing I've read in awhile. Thanks, JeffL.
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This is one of those things where you start by scoffing at the idea.

"What? Take a vacation to experience a monsoon? Sit around and enjoy getting rained on all day? That is just stupid."

Then, you read the article and realize that it is not dumb at all. It makes perfect sense for people to vacation in climates that are radically different from there own. The novelty factor alone would make the vacation memorable.

"Oh, wait. It's just like northerners going to Florida or southerners going skiing. That is rather normal after all."

(Ding! You've broadened your horizons.)
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That is a delightful article. Thanks.
posted by mono blanco at 11:56 PM on August 23, 2005

I have never seen snow.

[That quote... Eddie Murphy/starving man/cracker.]
posted by uncanny hengeman at 12:35 AM on August 24, 2005

There are stories of children in primary schools in remote parts of (desert) Australia who've never seen rain. Then it happens during class time and all the kids are gobsmacked.

When an Aussie says "7 year drought", they mean drought.

I personally remember being a child in monsoon storms in Singapore, and they are awesome events, never forgotten. To go outside and eat an icecream in one though is "different"...
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Arabia has rain, even in the Empty Quarter with its famous pure-white sterile half-cresent dunes. But it's highly variable, highly localized. So a 2 square mile patch may get rained heavily on. Then for the next 4 or 5 years it will grow lushly. This is how Arabs travel by camel, from patch to patch across the desert. Knowing where the patches are in any given season is a skill. One watches lightning in the distance, animal tracks leading in a direction, etc.. of course with satelites and trucks its a moot skill these days sadly.
posted by stbalbach at 7:09 AM on August 24, 2005

Nice read, thanks!
posted by of strange foe at 9:19 AM on August 24, 2005

i played in the eye of many a hurricane, growing up...sooo spooky...
posted by sexyrobot at 10:47 AM on August 24, 2005

Great article; thanks for sharing it!
posted by May Kasahara at 7:33 PM on August 24, 2005

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