I never knew the Bible could be so funny
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I encountered The Queen James Bible recently while searching for something else completely on Google. Since then, I have been looking for parodies of the Bible and have encountered several. Some are older and filled with conspiracy theories. Some are just plain bad. Some are effectively vaporware (with it's contemporary commercial sibling). And then some are just really funny. (Be sure to check out the Begat Tree.)

Of course, looking for this sort of thing will always bring up random bits and pieces, most notably the Bible according to Cheese (kind of like the Brick Testament) and Don't Dis Ejisha (flash).
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On the tree, Darwin is almost as far to the evil side as Hitler and is slightly past both Dracula and Atilla the Hun.
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One of my favourites is the IRC Bible.
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During the second American Idol season, someone wrote a Bible-style recap of each finals episode. She stopped writing after a while (personal problems) but it was really funny - for us AI fans anyway.

I wonder if there are parodies of other holy scripture...
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Alan Coren wrote a hilarious send-up of Genesis in his collection "Bumf", and which I wish I could find to link for you...
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Lordy! Seek and ye shall find!
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Good old Spike's is intermittently amusing, too.
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I gues this doesn't count.
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1:5 God called the light “Light” and the dark “Dark”. Unimaginative shithead.

Yeah, pretty well sums it up.
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Nah Zurishaddai, people take their pidgen pretty seriously out heah in Hawai'i. :) But I thought of the same site when I read this post.

"God's Spirit help us guys fo pray good."
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Once while digging for advice on flowcharting I ran across the Flowchart for the Book of Revelation.
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It's not a parody, but the third testament of the bible, newly written by Ted Jesus Christ God.
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