Pattern Emerges in Katrina Lack of Response Stories
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Beyond Incompetence Reading the news after the Katrina Hurricane and the lack-of-response disaster, a pattern began to emerge. Mainstream media compilation - Collective Bellaciao via xymphora, which has several other uniquely critical posts on Katrina
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Yup, very distracting.
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weird, i didn't get that (in safari).
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It's an embeded quicktime video near the very bottom of the page. If you scroll about 9/10 of the way down, you can pause it.

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not embedded sound...wmp video farther down the stop button.
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Forceful, but not shrill. We need to keep reminding ourselves of specifics, and call certain people (feces-flower included) on their absurd lies.
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Just wondering, but in the background for that video, is that a hand batiked Che Guvara flag in black, or is that some sort of Jolly Rodger? Tell me that's not some official New Orleans flag.
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Xymphora's comments are very informative. Executive summary: Crininal Bushitler turned on the HAARP Weather Control Machines to unleash storms on New Orleans, so he could drive blacks out of it, blackmail the local government, and award juicy reconstruction contracts to Hitlerburton, which would rebuild the city as a white man's tourist paradise. Possible involvement of Skull and Bones, Jews, Freemasons, and the Pope. Please reference the Woo Woo Credo for more information.
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Good lord. I really despise Bush and his cronies, but it's hard to believe the theories espoused by xymphora, particularly the one involving turning NO over to the Feds. Hard to believe because, I think, I just don't want to believe it. Wow.
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The web page loaded with sound for me. I had read the transcript in a couple of threads here, but hearing the gentleman tell it adds another level entirely. That, in conjunction with the Neville daughter's impassioned description (also in another thread--I'll find it and relink it here if wanted) makes me even more angry than I was just hearing the store from reporters.
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What is this? I thought I saw the same blog thing the other day right before it got deleted.
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snranch: these days deletion appears to be somewhat arbitrary

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"No Flood For Oil" made me laugh out loud.

I think yer doin' a heck of a job, Brownie.
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I didn't even read the links. Is this the current place to complain about Bush's handling of the latest disaster?

If it is, this makes me feel so much safer. It is nice to know if a disaster happens, my life may be in these people's hands.

If this is the wrong thread to post that sort of thing, please excuse me.
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When does the War Against Acts of God begin?
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psst, moonbird, it's the War on Terra.
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Now is not the time to play the Blame Game.

Unless you're a federal official, or a Republican, or a conservative TV or newspaper commentator, and you're blaming the victims, the left, or the state and local officials. That is the only time to be playing the Blame Game.
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"All these accusations were in the past, and , while mistakes were made, we must push Forward toward the Future, Stay the Course, and remain increasingly more Vigilant."
"The time for laying blame has passed, we must look towards the future."
"It's the (derogatory political affiliation) that keep bring up (horrible fuckup of policy)!! Like they would do any different!! Just look at (political figure no longer in power) and see how badly he fucked up (limited political crisis at the time). He got off so why shouldn't (current tyranical leader) get a free pass over (current extended political crisis with no end in sight)."

I see how this all works...
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I need to start writing this on gas pump handles. You know, to take the edge off for the suburban commuters paying $3.50 per gallon.
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i have a considerably longer list, in case anyone cares (though i am not, so far, saving the source documents on my own server; maybe i should). i've been trying to keep the list as non-partisan as possible.
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and of course it would have helped if i had linked that list, *duh*.
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Balisong: It appears to me that it's a somewhat rumpled Pelican Flag (Louisiana is the Pelican State). Jefferson Parish also has a pelican-derived coat of arms.
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British TV (Fox's sister channel as it happens) gives their own analysis:

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John Stewart made a good point last night, "people who don't want to play the blame game... are to blame."

That said, the real point of the republican spinning isn't to convince people that they didn't screw up, it's to confuse people, and turn factual reality into 'he-said-she-said' bs, from which people tune out.
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oh delmoi, it isn't just the republicans spinning..c'mon already. Every damned polititician within earshot of anyone is crying foul - with their typical spin of course. Why is any of this a surprise? It's disgusting and fucking annoying as hell that they are all so predictable but BOTH sides sucked the big one where Katrina is concerned.

On a personal note: Although I was pissed Bush didn't see fit to cut his month long vacation short by two days to fly home and oversee things from the White House, I don't blame him for the initial problems. Frankly, he did declare the emergency prior to the storm hitting and released funds for FEMA as is expected. Where he totally lost me was when the levee broke.

When that happened, all bets were off and Bush should have jumped in and just taken control. What ended up happening - because of Bush's failure to do just that - was then and continues to be, that everyone is standing on ceremony and scratching their balls waiting for 'the other guy' to tell them it's ok to move forward.

I just wish these fucks for representatives we have in this country could get over their desire to win the next election and just get down to the business of helping these people out down there.
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That said, the real point of the republican spinning isn't to convince people that they didn't screw up, it's to confuse people

It worked so well for them during the election, why would they not use it now?

Their Guy: Was in cushy National Guard position and possibly didn't even finish commitment.

The Other Guy: Served with distinction in the Vietnam War.

Solution: Muddle the issue so completely that to this day people are confused as to the truth.

Official Reason for Iraqi War: WMDs coupled with 9/11 retaliation.

Truth: No WMDs found. No 9/11 connection found.

Solution: Muddle the issue so completely that to this day people are still confused as to why we are war.

Need I continue? If a stratagy works out, why wouldn't it be used over and over and over and over...
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Just found that FEMA requires all requests for relief to be filed through their website using Internet Explorer and nothing else. Nice, way to make things as simple as possible.
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does no one wait for the facts anymore? i cant even begin to know who is to blame for what here..... i think everyone will get their fair share when this is investigated!
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