New York Haute Cuisine
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The Epicurean online. Charles Ranhofer's 1893 book The Epicurean is available online from the Michigan State University Library and the Museum as part of their Feeding America digital project. Ranhofer was the head chef at Delmonico's Restaurant from 1862 to 1894; he popularized the Escoffier version of French cooking to America, modifying it to take advantage of American foods such as turkey, squash, corn, and Pacific salmon. Besides thousands of recipes, The Epicurean discusses table settings, menus, various methods of presentation, and kitchen management. The book may be downloaded as a PDF in two parts.
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I'm hungry just perusing. Thanks watsondog. That's quite a cookbook repository they've got there.
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Nikola Tesla dined at Delmonico's almost daily, in his private dining room.
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Dude, both those files are more than a 100 MB each. You might want to mention that. ;)
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This is a nice project. The HTML version reminds me of how far OCR technology has left to go though!

With Entrées. -St. Émilion, Médoc du Bordelais

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Excellent! Thanks!
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Beers. - Bass' Ales, Porter, Tivoli, Milwaukee.

The next dinner party I throw, I'm gonna set a sixer of Beast right next to the Mille Crepes and the cylinder of Stilton.
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The whole Feeding America site is fantastic. Thanks so much for posting this.
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