You might think me a glutton..... i sort of hate her
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Chez Pim the gastronomic blog of a little thai woman.... and her very own write up in the observer. I sort of agree with one of the comments.... the shots of the food make me feel empty.
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Well I am waiting for her obligatory *I've been Metafiltered* post. . .
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previously linked here.

that other post has tons of good food links.... i appologize for double linking but it had been a year and i missed it the first time 'round. Also the observer piece is pretty decent and in the interm Pim has started eating decadently full time for her blog.
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oh..... and food porn from her flickr.
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Never trust a skinny cook! I dare you to read a Real Food Blog!!!
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That "Fantasy Sushi" story is well worth a read. $2000 for a dinner without the finesse that I can get in a small, local sushi restaurant for less than 1/10th of the cost? Yikes.
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And there is always this for you foodies. . .
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Never trust a skinny cook!

Hmm. I would propose the opposite. I'm more likely to trust somehow who can manage their appetite.
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I do not understand food blogging.
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Me either.
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I like photos of food. Sometimes I just want to look at pictures of hot grills.
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I can't find a clear shot of her face, but I think I studied with Pim in San Francisco. Her writing style is similar, but who can be sure. If it is her, she was a lot of fun to work with and I'm glad she's getting exposure. And for the record, writing about food is like dancing about architecture. Also, she doesn't seem particularly "little" for a Thai woman.
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meh. I've always felt that part of the appeal of Pim's blog was the vicariousness of indulging in decadence. It's nice at certain moods and moments, but I tend to browse The Accidental Hedonist more often -- lower on the food porn meter but scores way higher on actual utility.
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Jebus. I wish I had a life where I could drop two grand on a sushi dinner... and then complain about it. And then go 'Oh well."
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