TiVo schadenfreude!
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TiVo schadenfreude!
ReplayTV drops 40% of its staff (including a former TV Network Bigwig) and drops out of the retail "box" business. Gee, they're giving up without even asking for a recount of the sales figures from the Palm Beach Best Buy
Now, if TiVo can just keep Microshaft from squishing it like a bug.
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Ack... I just saw an ad for them in the latest Maxim. No wonder they don't have the money... it costs about 50-70k an ad just for 1 page in Maxim... ya gotta wonder who else they advertised with.
posted by da5id at 6:59 PM on November 28, 2000

It looks like Microsoft plans to add digital recorder functions to its X-Box as well.
posted by harmful at 12:59 PM on November 29, 2000

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