Treasure Hunting
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Scientific Sleuth Cracks Code to $54,000 Treasure The treasure was the 12th and last set out in Treasure's Trove , a children's book published last fall. People shared information on many forums. The solution to the Beetle puzzle is in this forum. Missed out? All is not lost. Apparently, a new 14th puzzle has been announced. Maybe we can solve it together.
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This reminds me of Kit Williams -- and his Masquerade treasure hunt in 1979.
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Aw shit. I was way the hell off. I thought it was hidden under a pile of WMD's in Syria.
posted by j.p. Hung at 12:39 PM on September 22, 2005

In the 80's I remember listening to Rock Line at night. Ronnie James Dio was the guest and his album Sacred Heart had come out. The cover of the album was in mock latin but he said that it was the key to a treasure hidden someplace in the United States worth $50,000 or something. I haven't heard anything about it since (but I haven't really looked either), did he really do it or was he just talking out of his devil horns?
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There is a whole genre of books out there called "arm chair treasure hunts". Here's a UK club that's very active
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I am fascinated.
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CBS News Sunday did a segment on Treasure's Trove last month.
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I too am fascinated. David Blaine did something similar with his book "Mysterious Stranger" -- a $100,000 prize was offered to the first person to decypher the clues and find the hidden treasure. Not sure if that ever got solved.

substrate: see here.
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Meanwhile, in France, thousands of people are still looking for the Chouette d'Or, an owl statue made of gold, silver, diamonds and rubies. A bronze version was (allegedly) buried 12 years ago by treasure hunt organizer Max Valentin. What started with a book of riddles and a Minitel site (France's pre-internet system) is still going strong on the web 4535 days later, with devoted owl hunters discussing the thousands of clues gathered since 1993, digging holes all over the country in the hope of finding the ever elusive bird.
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Adamkempa: the answer is yes.
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Substrate: AdamKempa's much too modest to mention this, but if the Dio album cover interests you, has an extensive and fascinating post about secret codes on album covers.
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I remember Cadbury did one with Faberge eggs some time ago (my cousin had the book)...does anyone have any updates on that?
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