Faces of Science
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Faces of Science, a collection of portraits of scientists is on display at the New York Academy of Sciences through Oct. 14. (Click the 'View Gallery' link underneath the bookcover). Mariana Cook, who took the portraits, has also had them displayed in The Guardian, and at the BioAgenda Institute (where they scroll by to the left of the screen). [Also be sure to check out the previous webgalleries at the NYAS. The Art of Science Fiction, and Hothouse Contemporary Floras are both good examples of their cool shows, as is One of a Kind.]
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Celebrity Science. Just what we need.
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I hadn't really thought of it that way, I think because even though I'm a reasonably well-informed person there were many pictured whose names I didn't recognize.

But you bring up a good point, and although I'm not a big fan of celebrity culture, I actually think that yes, the US at least could use a bit more celebrity science. The current assault on science (that isn't weapons-applicable) in the policies of this administration, the York PA trial on Intelligent Design (sic), & c., make me think that some scientists that seemed like cool celebrities in the US might be a good idea right about now.
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"BioAgenda is an independent, non-partisan, non-industry think-tank founded by journalists and critical thinkers with a core mission to discuss, analyze, and study issues and policies...the politics of stem cells...paying for new drugs and treatments...what will humans look like in fifty years...? BioAgenda’s programs include roundtables, exhibits, lectures, and publications to facilitate evocative discussions among leaders, policy-makers, critics, and thinkers, with educational initiatives addressed to leaders, students, professionals, and the public."

I was kind of wondering about them, with that name. But they seem to be very legitimate, as it were, judging by the underwriters. Although of course, industry players don't put their hands in their pockets completely out of charity, but the institutional support hopefully balances things out.

Thanks OmieWise.
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Nice post OmieWise.
I like these pictures of scientists.
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